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Jeff Nusz



  1. Jonathan Hammond

    Hi Guys congratulation on the kinect project. My name is Jonathan from Just Add Music Media we created an kinect performance control system much like yours over a year ago and our currently developing the latest version with Fatboy slim and many other artists making this kind of work into a more interactive game.



    I would love to get in contact with you guy to see if we could work together on another one of these, joining the best elements from both of our projects together.

    Again congratulations on some fine work, trust me i know how troublesome this kind of tech can be

  2. Vitality

    I am a dance performer and electronic music producer…I had always thought of incorporating kinetic devices to my performances of live production..This is the closest thing I’ve seen to what I have always pictured to be the most ideal! You guys are incredible! Ever need any volunteers for research and tests I would be more than happy to participate. Light, sound, and movement are something I hope to help advance by any means. Hope to see traveling festivals bringing light to the cities they visit by the use of massive kinetic energy dance floors that produce enough to self-sustain and provide energy! Keep doing what you’re doing, I find your project very exciting.

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