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Pajama Club 3D

Lester Records

We were approached to make a music video by Neil Finn of Crowded House fame for his new band Pajama Club.

They didn’t have much of a brief other than wanting something fresh whilst still being hauntingly beautiful.

We wanted to explore what forms a music promo can actually take and thus decided to make a 3d music video using the emerging technology of WebGL combined with a good bit of hacking of a gaming sensor.

One $200 Kinect video game camera, many months of experimentation, and some inventive programming later, we had created an interactive music video you can engage with in your web browser in 3D.

Two videos, actually…

In the atmospheric 'TNT For Two', you control the camera while the band performs on a deserted beach and follow an ethereal figure across the sand and through the trees.

In the more playful 'These Are Conditions', you are in control of everything; as the band plays you can pull them to bits in 3D and put them back together into surreal exquisite corpses. One can swap the singer's head for bassists, create an audience of giant penguins, stack a tower of amps a thousand kilometers into sky… the possibilities are infinite in the surreal 3D sandbox.

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'TNT For Two' and 'These are Conditions' by Pajama Club
From the self-title album 'Pajama Club'
2011 Universal Music

Directors: Sam Peacocke & Jeff Nusz
Kinect Software & Web Programming: Jeff Nusz
Graphic Design: Matt von Trott
3D Post-Production: Lana Rosenberg-Smith
Special Thanks: Assembly, Stink, Robbers Dog, The Auckland Museum